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Details of Upcoming Aura Soma Courses in 2013

Greetings from Sanctuary Holistic Clinic here in Garristown, North Co Dublin.  Isn’t it lovely to see the bright blue skies and sunshine at long last? It really lifts one’s Spirits and brings in a renewed vitality, a lighter energy and hope for the future!!

Light and Colour has always been so important to me, especially now after the very long and dark Winter Months.  Consequently I am hosting a selection of Aura Soma Courses which I hope might be of interest to some of you? Why not join me on either Friday 17th May 2013 or Saturday 15th June 2013 in Sanctuary Holistic Clinic in Garristown where we will explore and work with the medium of Colour and Light.

My intention is to create two lovely days filled with a gentle, loving and relaxing energy, which will allow each participant to to reconnect with their divine essence and inner most beauty.  These are One Day Introductory Courses and will provide a flavour of the magnificence, depth and profound insights the Aura Soma Equilibrium Oils/Products  bring to your life  and how they can be used to enhance and promote balance and harmony.

Attached are more details on these courses: -

and I truly hope you might be able to join me on either of these days;

Connecting to your Inner Goddess 1 day Aura Soma Course 17th May or 15th June 2013

Following on from these One Day Courses I hope to do a Level One (6 Day Foundation Course) later in the Summer and I will confirm dates and venue in the near future.  See details attached: -


Level One (6 Day Foundation Course)

If anyone is interested – please feel free to contact me by phone or email.

Sending you all Lots of Love and Sparkling Light to guide you on your paths





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