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Astrology and Aura-Soma Simplified: Level 1



Two x Four Day Workshops

By Marelna Du Plessi –

Part 1 – 1st April to 4th April 2016

Part 2 – 6th April to 9th April 2016

The Pillo Hotel, The Rath, Ashbourne Co Meath


Part One

This workshop explores the relationship between Aura-Soma and the age-old discipline of astrology.  It has been designed to utilise the participant’s knowledge of Aura-Soma to create an understanding of the principles of Western astrology. Combining the keywords for the colour with the keywords for the signs and houses, an entire new world and a collective theme present themselves. 

  • The first day is dedicated to scrutinising the structure of astrology using language that an Aura-Soma practitioner can relate to. The Cross of Matter as formed by the angles (or shall we call them angels?!), the four quadrants and the order in which the modes and elements present themselves in relation to colour are explored in each participant’s chart.
  •  The twelve colours on the colour rose are linked to the concept of the twelve astrological houses: the gifts and talents that need to be unearthed at a practical level shape the playground for the second day. Investigating the challenges of the houses and how they relate to numerology are applied to the charts of students and their bottle selection for the day.
  •  On the third day we explore in depth the three modes, the four elements and the resulting twelve signs in terms of the three tendencies. With our new-found wisdom and using the Colour Key to Astrology Chart, we go into the bottles Vicky ascribed to the signs and playfully investigate how the practitioner may benefit from this knowledge. If time allows, we may even use the bottle attributions as linked to the Tarot to unravel the mysteries of the ancient wisdom systems as applied to each chart.
  •  On the fourth day we add the messages from the planets and how the bottle attribution contribute to, clarify and affirm the guidance the Universe has to offer. There is immense joy in creatively linking the personal with the archetypal images as we gain fresh insights into astrology, Aura-Soma and our own growth processes. 

Part Two

Astrology is a map of our soul’s intent and in the first course we combined the language of Astrology and the Aura-Soma language of colour to decipher the tools available to us and how to employ them – the intensification of our self-awareness is the goal. The relationship between the Colour Code through Time and the Natal Chart opens the doorway to a deeper self-awareness to support us to live our life in the most soul-effective way. This four-day workshop builds on the material presented in the first level of this course in which we explore the relationship between Aura-Soma and the age-old discipline of astrology.

  • In the Level 1 course we delved into the astrological vocabulary exploring the meanings of the houses, the signs and the planets and how the combination with the Aura-Soma system of 112 dual-coloured bottles reminded us of who we truly are. On the first day of this course we will be revising the insights made on the Level 1, hopefully feeling revitalised as we again find glimpses of our essential self.
  • On the second day we will discuss the planets as archetypal energies and how they relate to each other – how they aspect each other on the Divine Grid of life. We will gain insight into the aspects through studying the  phases of the Moon; by studying the Moon’s phases, we are boiling the birth chart down to its basic elements – the relationship between the Sun and the Moon, yin and yang, light and dark, the ‘sacred marriage’ of our inner king and queen. We also touch upon the Four Gates of Initiation as reflected in the phases of the Moon. All these insights we relate to our own charts and our bottle choices for the day.
  • The third day will be spent to conclude our Moon-work and apply the aspects to our charts. During the afternoon we will touch upon the Lunar Nodes as they relate the birth chart to history: the south node symbolising the past and its effect on us and the north node symbolising the cutting edge of our growth. Practically applying our new-found wisdom is a priority.
  • On the last day we integrate the insights offered on both levels and explore how our expanded perception of colour and the astrological symbols support our process of individuation as well as our work as colour practitioners.  



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