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Aura Soma Equilibrium Bottles

(Image shown above shows a large selection of the total 114 Aura-Soma Equilibrium Bottles)

Aura-Soma is a gentle non-intrusive therapy, which helps us, through the medium of colour, look at deep spiritual, mental, emotional and physical issues in a safe and caring environment.

A consultation involves a client choosing 4 coloured Bottles from a selection of 114 Bottles based on their own intuitive understanding of the need for that colour within their lives: -

  • The First Bottle represents the real you and why you are here, your “Soul Essence” and true self;
  • The Second Bottle represents your beauty; your gifts and the obstacles/challenges life presents you with;
  • The Third Bottle is very much where you are at in your life at the present moment;
  • The Fourth Bottle represents your dreams, hopes and aspirations for the future.

Just choosing the colours and understanding their interpretation can often create a profound shift in consciousness. It is so wonderful to find ourselves in the beautiful colours held within these magical mystical jewel-like Bottles.

The Client can then choose to use their second choice of Bottle on the appointed areas of their body.  Vicky Wall, the Founder of Aura-Soma used to say that “looking at the Bottles was like looking at a picture of a loved one, but actually using the wonderful oils contained within was like holding a loved one in your arms”.

Scientists have discovered that we are light beings, energy vibrating at different levels, with each level projecting a colour of the rainbow. Using colour through the Aura-Soma products can open the door to the hidden rooms within us and lead to the precious healing of whatever we find there.

Choosing your colours can be a moving and deeply healing experience and people are amazed by the essence of the message the Bottles carry for them personally.

A consultation can take approximately 1½ hours.

Why not treat yourself to one or more treatments. The benefits can often be very worthwhile.

Aura Soma 3 equilibrium bottles           Aura Soma Archangel Jeremiel (B108)

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