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Aura-Soma Level 1 Course November 2011

ascended masters aurasoma equilibrium colour wheel

Ascended Masters Aura Soma Equilibrium colour wheel

Having just completed teaching a 6 day Aura Soma Foundation Course in November 2011 to three wonderfully talented Students, I am, as always amazed by the profound gifts and abilities so many of my Students bring to these courses.  Their already innate understanding of the Aura Soma Bottles before I uttered a word, or even started to teach a single thing about these jewel-like Beauties astounded me!  It just proves to me over and over again that we are all already aware of this amazing information and just need to bring it into consciousness.

This was an intimate Aura Soma course as there were only four of us in total.  We shared so much over the 6 days and I received as much in the way of healing and knowledge, if not more, from each of them as I hoped they received from me.

The primary aims of the Level 1 Course is to provide information on the tools/products offered within the Aura Soma range and to give practice in interpreting and understanding the Equilibrium selections.

Our choice of colour mirrors who we are at a very deep level and can lead to a greater awareness of our own self-healing and development.

I hope my Students will continue to use the Aura Soma Equilibrium Bottles and the other amazing Products available to support their journeys and to enrich and balance the very essence of their Beingness.

With Love and Sparkling Light to you all,


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Testimonial from course student:

“I enjoyed the course so much! Maeve is an excellent teacher who really understands and communicates the true message of Aura Soma. She seems to have a strong connection to each bottle, almost like she is talking about her friends. And it was lovely to learn in a way that suited me, we were all so comfortable and at ease and just made to feel we could ask anything and share our experiences. I gained friendships as well as knowledge! And I know I will be able to take this new found understanding in many aspects of my life. The connection I now have with colour has added a new level of insight into many things for me, Reiki, Chakras, what we wear, what we look at it. And that’s not even mentioning the amount of healing I have benefitted from using the bottles. Thank you so much Maeve, I would recommend your course to anyone.”

[Clare Kelly]

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