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Details of upcoming Aura Soma Foundation Course – April 2014

Happy New Year to you all.  I would like to wish all my Friends, Clients and Colleagues a Loving and Light filled 2014.  I am anticipating that this year will be an amazing 12 months for us all.  I certainly felt 2013 was a powerful but incredibly challenging year at every level and taught me very much to live in the moment!!  As we move into the early part of the New Year with Venus retrograde to the Sun for approximately another 20 days – all our old conditioned responses and attitudes around love, life and and career fulfillment are being turned upside down and inside out.  We are all being asked to focus now (I believe) on being the best of who we truly are.  For me, as a Taurean, ruled by Venus,  2014 will be about bringing beauty and creativity to everything that I do in life.  Worrying about money and financial success will be a thing of the past.  My focus will be on pure fulfillment, joy, laughter and just bringing light and fun to each of my days.  With that in mind I am hoping to host an Aura Soma Foundation Course in April 2014.  I would love if you could join me in exploring the wonderful realms of colour and light and learn how it can promote harmony and bring absolute joy and balance to your life.  Please see attached flyer for further details.

May Love and Sparkling Light continue to guide you all on your paths to wholeness and healing.


Aura Soma Foundation Course - Level 1 - April 2014











Aura Soma Foundation Course – Level 1 – April 2014


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